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Rainy Day Activities at Bear Lake

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Visitors to Bear Lake go to enjoy warm weather, beaches, milkshakes, and fun on the water. On average there are 220 sunny days per year, which is higher than they US average. Chances are good that you will find warm sunny weather to enjoy Bear Lake, but what happens when it's rainy? What activities can you do at Bear Lake if the weather is bad?

Rainy Day  Activity #1: Pickleville Playhouse

The Pickleville Playhouse is a musical theater located in Garden City Utah, Most shows are in the evening, but there are daytime show times as well. Some of the past shows include, The Adams Family, The Little Mermaid, Peter Pan, Tarzan, Shrek,  and Hairspray just to name a few. 

Here is our list of Bear Lake rainy day activities:

Rainy Day  Activity #2: Bear Lake Hot Springs

The Bear Lake Hot Springs consists of two pools filled with hot mineral water and is located just east of North Beach in the northeast corner of Bear Lake. The shallow soaking pools contain geothermal mineral water where the temperature runs around 100 degrees, which is perfect on a cool, rainy day. 

Rainy Day  Activity #3: Minnetonka Cave

Located in the hills just above Bear Lake is one of the largest limestone caves in Idaho. Minnetonka Cave is a 1,800 deep cave that consists of about 896 steps (round trip). Although considered moderately challenging, it's a great hike for the family and a great place to visit if you can't enjoy the beach.

Rainy Day  Activity #4: Centre Theatre

Located just north of Bear Lake in Montpelier is the Centre Theatre. The theatre is a single screen theatre that shows the newest movies. With great snacks, low prices, and no long lines to get in. Skipping the beach during a storm and heading to the movie theater is a great option to spend the afternoon.  

Rainy Day  Activity #5: Butch Cassidy Museum

You can find the Butch Cassidy Museum in the heart of Montpelier, Idaho just a short drive north of Bear Lake. If it's too windy to get out on the water of Bear Lake or too cold to sit and enjoy the beach, the Butch Cassidy Museum is a fun and family friendly way to kill time or just enjoy the day. 

Rainy Day  Activity #6: Oregon Trail Center

If you enjoy history or just need to kill sometime because the weather isn't suitable for the beach, then The Oregon Trail Center is a great place to visit. Offering an entertaining experience of the 1850 wagon train experience. It's located in Montpelier, Idaho which isn't far from Bear Lake. 

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