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Bear Lake Activities

Bear Lake and the surrounding area has so many fun things to do. Of course you can go hang out on the beaches of bear lake, but there many other things you can do to enjoy your time at Bear Lake. Check out this list of great activities you can enjoy while at Bear Lake. 

Minnetonka Cave

The Minnetonka Cave offers something a a bit different to the Bear Lake typicality of outdoor fun. This 40 degrees Fahrenheit bring a jacket-year round attraction is a great look into one of the hidden treasures of the Bear Lake Valley. 

Paris Ice Caves

From July 1 until the end of the summer season the ice caves located in the Paris Canyon can be explored. Snow and ice prevent access to the caves until June or July depending on the year. The cave is accessible from its ceiling and a lot of neat nooks and crannies can be seen and possibly explored.  

The National Oregon/California Trail Center

A great place to get your fill for education and learning while in and around the valley is to stop by The Oregon Trail Center. Go back to a time, long before any of the valley was yet settled. Located at 320 N. 4th Street in Montpelier you can get quite the history lesson. Not only is there live information about the trail but there's also Historical Society's Rails & Trails Museum, which also houses Daughters of Utah Pioneers artifacts. 

Paris Tabernacle

One of the biggest attractions and pieces of history in the valley is the Paris Tabernacle. Built in 1889 out of sandstone that had to be transported 18 miles from Indian Creek, near the Bear Lake Hot Springs. This rare architectural beauty will put you in awe. Find out some information about it via one of the free guided tours or explore for yourself on a self-guided one. The tabernacle is located at 109 So. Main in Paris and has guided tours that run from Memorial Day to Labor Day.  

Bike Paths

There is currently a major bike path in the works which is going to be continuous around Bear Lake. There is currently a trail that runs on most of the west side of the lake and more is in the plans. 

Hiking and Fishing

Separately or together, Bear Lake is an excellent place to catch a bite and get some exercise. Check out what the fishing regulations are and get proper licensing before fishing. Also, make sure not matter where you hike, you have the correct equipment you need to stay safe.  

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