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Bear Lake Milkshakes

Guide to Bear Lake Milkshakes

When people talk about Bear Lake there are two things that people talk about most often. The vivid turquoise-blue water and the raspberry shakes. The raspberry shakes are so famous that even the New York Times wrote about them. When it comes to milkshakes everyone one has an opinion and there are so many options to choose from. There are several to consider when it comes to deciding where to go to get the best milkshakes in Bear Lake. 

If you’re wondering where the best place to get a shake is, the answer is there is no such thing as a bad milkshake. Here is the ultimate list of places to get ice cream and milkshakes in the Bear Lake Valley, from Laketown, Utah to Montpelier, Idaho. 


With that said, here are some things to consider when knowing where to go to get the best raspberry milkshake.

Where can you get a milkshake at Bear Lake?

When it comes to shakes around Garden City the place that probably gets talked about the most is LaBeau’s, but there are tons of options to choose from. Here are all the places where you can get a milkshake.

Here are the restaurants where you can get a milkshake:

Arctic Circle

Bear Trapper Restaurant

Cody's Gastro Garage

Crawford Trough

Dees Car Wash Ice Cream Shop

LaBeau's Drive-In

Minnetonka Market and Cafe

Zips Bear Lake

Bear Cave Drive-In

Bear Lake Chevron

Caribbean Custard & Italian Ice

Campfire Grill

Ephraim's Restaurant

Laketown Drive-In

Quick N' Tasty

Bear Lake Pizza Co.

Shawka's Shakes N' Sodas

Cooper's Sports Bar

Dan's Drive-In

Hometown Drive-In

Merlin's Drive-In

Some Beaches

Which Restaurants have the best ratings according to Google and Yelp?


If you favor “official” ratings and look to Yelp and Google for guidance then this will help. Looking at the average rating for each restaurant that offers milkshakes, we’ve identified the highest-rated restaurants around Bear Lake.  

Here are the highest-rated restaurants around Bear Lake:

1. Caribbean Custard & Italian Ice

Location: Garden City, UT

Average Rating: 4.95

2. Dees Car Wash Ice Cream Shop:

Location: Laketown, UT

Average Rating: 4.90

3. Some Beaches:

Location: Laketown, UT

Average Rating: 4.85

4. Zipz Bear Lake:

Location: Garden City, UT

Average Rating: 4.60

5. Shawka's Shakes and Sodas:

Location: Garden City, UT

Average Rating: 4.6

6. Minnetonka Market And Cafe:

Location: St. Charles, ID

Average Rating: 4.55

7. Crawford Trough:

Location: Randolph, UT

Average Rating: 4.5

8. LaBeau's Drive-In:

Location: Garden City, UT

Average Rating: 4.25

9. The Ranch Hand Trail Stop:

Location: Montpelier, ID

Average Rating: 4.05

10. Campfire Grill Restaurant:

Location: Garden City, UT

Average Rating: 3.95

Who do critics say has the best milkshake in Bear Lake?


Brother not Brother: Quite possibly the most thorough review, Brother Not Brother’s milkshake assessment had LaBeau’s come in at the top spot, with Chevron and Dee’s Car Wash Ice Cream Shop coming in at a close second and third. 


SoakingCool: According to the SoakingCool website they crowned LaBeau’s as their winner. They said that Quick N’ Tasty, Hometown Drive-in were very good, but were not impressed with Merlins. 


Culture Trekking with Janiel: After some research, talking to locals, trying a couple different options. Janiel at Culture Trekking came to the conclusion  Shawka's Shakes and Soda had the best raspberry shake in Garden City. 


Best Things Utah: The folks at Best Things Utah listed where to get the best milkshakes in Utah and not only was Labeau’s on the list, it was listed as number one!

Amy’s Projects: Amy and a couple of others tasted, looked at price, and speed to determine who they thought made the best milkshake. In the end, Chevron seemed to be the favorite, with LaBeau’s coming in second.

There are so many places to get shakes while visiting Bear Lake. Sure some might be a little better, but honestly any of them are going to taste amazing!

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