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Welcome to Bear Lake

Are you looking for a place to escape? Need somewhere to cool off? Do you like raspberry shakes? Look no further, because Bear Lake is the perfect getaway. Bear Lake is located on the border of Idaho and Utah, surrounded by beautiful mountains. It's often referred to as the Caribbean of the Rockies because of it's beautiful, turquoise blue water. Bear Lake is perfect for boating, kayaking, swimming, sailing, fishing, or just hanging out on the beach.

As residents of Garden City we know a little bit about Bear Lake. We've created to provide visitors the best information about where to stay, eat, and play while visiting Bear Lake.

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Quick Facts About Bear Lake

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How Deep is Bear Lake?

At it's deepest point Bear Lake is 208 feet deep, and has an average depth of 94 feet. On the East side of the lake is where you will find the deepest and steepest parts of the lake. 

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Why is Bear Lake so Blue?

Bear Lake contains large amounts of tiny particles of white-colored limestone that reflect the water’s blue color back to the surface, giving the lake its beautiful, unique turquoise-blue color.

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What is Bear Lake's water temperature?

In the Summer time the water temperature in Bear Lake ranges from 68 to 72 degrees. In the Winter time it usually ranges from 35 to 40 degrees and only freezes over 70% of the time. 

Bear Lake is a great place to swim, boat, kayak, or just sit on the beach. If you are looking for somewhere to spend a weekend relaxing with your friends or family, then look no further than Bear Lake!

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